Mapping environmental crime: Use #WildEye Europe to track seizures, arrests, court cases & convictions across the continent. The data is anchored in our dossier of investigations below.


  • Italy has become Europe’s top importer of Burmese teak, even after the coup in Myanmar, helping to fund the military regime and encourage deforestation. Rudi Bressa investigates

  • New guide will assist investigators, prosecutors and other law enforcers to address the challenges of lack of evidence in prosecuting wildlife crimes. Kelly Rwamapera reports


      #WildEye allows you to track environmental crime across the globe
      Exposing global environmental crime stories
      #MineAlert allows you to track and share mining applications and licences
      Use ClimaTracker to track weather changes and how these will affect you
      Track developments in rhino poaching court cases across Southern Africa
      Instant access to data on rhino deaths and poaching incidents since 2010
      #GreenAlert helps you track & share environmental impact assessments



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      #WildEye is a project of Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism and is based on the Rhino Court Cases tool, which tracks developments in rhino poaching court cases in Southern Africa

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