Email tip-offs to oxpeckers@gmail.com

If you want to share confidential information and are concerned about security, send your email from a once-off, anonymous email account whose address does not identify you, and do not put anything down in writing that could identify you.

Alternatively, set up PGP/GPG encryption on your computer and send us an encrypted email. Our GPG ID is 8879D13E.

If you would like to blow the whistle via AfriLeaks, an Oxpeckers partner that provides state-of-the-art security, go to https://afrileaks.org/ If you are blowing the whistle on environmental crime/misdoing, please identify Oxpeckers as your preferred receiver media organisation.


#MineAlert allows you to track and share mining applications and licences
Use ClimaTracker to track weather changes and how these will affect you
Instant access to data on rhino deaths and poaching incidents since 2010
Keep tabs on data from rhino poaching court cases across South Africa
#GreenAlert helps you track & share environmental impact assessments