Canned hunting investigations

  • Data investigation by Calistus Bosaletswe shows that over a 10-year period South Africa received most of the live lions and their products exported from Botswana...

  • The Botswana government banned canned hunting of large carnivores, in response to an Oxpeckers cross-border investigation. Lawrence Seretse reports...

  • This photograph, taken during an undercover transnational investigation by Oxpeckers reporters in late 2013, went viral during a global campaign against canned lion hunting in Marc...

  • Chinese official says the country is ready to take home the critically endangered tigers that have been bred and 're-wilded' in South Africa, reports Hongqiao Liu<...

  • Tshekedi Khama dispatched a team of investigators to probe how lions exported from Botswana ended up in a canned hunting facility in South Africa. Investigation by Lawr...

  • South African farmers are using cattle-rustling routes to smuggle wild lions out of Botswana to supply the demand for lion-bone potions in the Far East. Investigation by

  • Transnational exposé: In his latest lion deal, agriculture minister Christian de Graaff exported a huge shipment of lions to a canned hunting outfit in South Africa. By


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