Wondering what proactive role you can take to stop an environmental violation, to help root out eco-parasites and fight for social justice?

Oxpeckers is an investigative journalism unit. In the course of our work we build trusted relationships with campaigning organisations and individuals. We leave the campaigning to the experts.

Here are some useful tools to help take your grievances forward:

  • Help affected communities fight for a Right to say NO to mining developments that do not address their interests. One million signatures needed by 25 April
  • provides step-by-step guidance on how to launch your own campaign.
  • Community monitors is a platform where citizen reporters can share what is happening on the ground by allowing users to submit their stories, photos and videos to the platform.

Have a tool you think we should recommend? Get in touch with and let us know.


#MineAlert allows you to track and share mining applications and licences
#WildEye allows you to track illicit poaching activity throughout Europe
Instant access to data on rhino deaths and poaching incidents since 2010
Keep tabs on data from rhino poaching court cases across South Africa
Use ClimaTracker to track weather changes and how these will affect you
#GreenAlert helps you track & share environmental impact assessments