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    Botswana bans canned hunts

    The Botswana government has banned canned hunting of large carnivores, in response to an Oxpeckers cross-border investigation that exposed the export of lions to South Africa to supply trophy hunters and the lion-bone trade in Asia. Lawrence Seretse reports

  • Journalist Sydney Masinga at a channel dug to redirect untreated waste
water from the neglected Standerton water purification works to flow into the Vaal River

    Toxic tap water

    Mpumalanga’s ticking time-bomb: The government has ranked Mpumalanga as the province with the worst water quality management in the country. A special investigation by Sydney Masinga tracks where it is safe to drink tap water, and where it could prove hazardous

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    Wildlife trade & textbook economics

    Oxpeckers adviser Alejandro Nadal casts a seasoned economist’s eye on debate about wildlife trade policy: “It needs to take into account the fact that markets do not behave in accordance to the simplified narrative of textbook economics.”

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Oxpeckers Investigations

  • Big Cat Investigations

    Transnational Investigations: Oxpeckers exposes lion exports from Botswana to supply captive breeding and hunting farms in South Africa. The trade poses a real threat to lions in the wild, and to the tourism industry in Botswana

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