• Some of horns and tusks confiscated in Matola

    On the trail of Maputo’s missing rhino horns

    In a major breakthrough, Mozambican police seized 65 rhino horns and 340 elephants tusks. But then some of the horns went missing and Chinese nationals arrested were reportedly set free. Estacios Valoi finds out what’s going on

  • Raw rhino horns smuggled by the ring in or about April 2011

    Auction house boss jailed for rhino horn smuggling

    In a case that highlights the part seemingly legitimate US auction businesses can play in the illegal trafficking of wildlife products, the head of a Florida auction house was jailed for selling raw horns from endangered black rhinos to a Chinese smuggling ring

  • Twistdraai mine

    Coal miners sue Sasol for lung disease

    #MineAlert: Twenty-two current and former workers are suing Sasol Mining, in the first civil claim in South Africa by coal miners for damages related to occupational lung diseases. Lawyers say the case represents the ‘tip of the iceberg’

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Oxpeckers Investigations

  • Canned hunting investigations

    Transnational Investigations: Oxpeckers exposes lion exports from Botswana to supply captive breeding and hunting farms in South Africa. The trade poses a real threat to lions in the wild, and to the tourism industry in Botswana

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  • #MineAlert investigations

    The scramble for Africa's mineral resources is speeding up as ‪foreign companies tighten their grip on the continent. A war for control of Africa's ‪water‬ resources is linked to increased mining activities. Oxpeckers exposes these challenges with its investigative ‪#‎MineAlert‬ series

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