• Based in the Mpumalanga highlands, Mabola was declared a protected environment  because of the value of its water resource and grasslands

    Mine lays claim to protected water catchment

    The battle for Mabola is a test case for laws around prospecting and mining in a protected environment. The area is vital to South Africa’s water security, and its fate now rests with the ministers of mining and environmental affairs

  • giant sable

    SA breeders buck the system

    The sale of South African wildlife to Angolan national parks has sparked a row over the spread of species to areas in which they do not occur naturally. It also raises renewed fears about the future of Angola’s critically endangered giant sables

  • Daniel __Hawaxab1

    Strange death of a rhino protector

    How did ‘Boxer’ die? Why are dead rhinos being found in the area his team patrolled? John Grobler digs up strange secrets surrounding the deaths of black rhinos in the Kunene region of Namibia

  • Damien Mander, chief executive of the International Anti Poaching Foundation, came across the carcasses of two female rhinos  in a remote area of Mozambique in early November. Dehorned and with the front legs cut off, one also had its stomach cut open, indicating a fetus may have also been removed, he said

    Kruger’s rhino poaching ‘highway’

    Mozambican poachers are using sugar cane fields to sneak into the Kruger National Park, where shootouts with anti-poaching teams are peaking and rhino poaching statistics continue to rise. Fiona Macleod reports

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  • Canned hunting investigations

    Transnational Investigations: Oxpeckers exposes lion exports from Botswana to supply captive breeding and hunting farms in South Africa. The trade poses a real threat to lions in the wild, and to the tourism industry in Botswana

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  • Ecological conflicts

    Some of the world's fiercest ecological conflicts are fought over resources and land in Africa. In this series of articles, Oxpeckers reporters delve into the reasons behind these conflicts

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  • #MineAlert investigations

    The scramble for Africa's mineral resources is speeding up as ‪foreign companies tighten their grip on the continent. A war for control of Africa's ‪water‬ resources is linked to increased mining activities. Oxpeckers exposes these challenges with its investigative ‪#‎MineAlert‬ series

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