Will your city survive climate change?

Will your city survive climate change?

Preparing for the worst: multimedia ClimaTracker data investigation into how South African cities are dealing with the risks of climate change

Johannesburg receives an estimated 10,000 new citizens each month and many of them find a home in the city’s informal settlements, where they are most at risk to the effects of climate change

City managers have to build climate resilience while dealing with an influx of new citizens who have to be protected against the threats of climate change. These pressures will continue to increase in the years ahead.

Yolandi Groenewald examines data on how South African cities are dealing with these dual challenges. While most are aware of the threats, she finds, they might not be adapting fast enough.

Click here for the full investigation, produced by ClimaTracker and funded by ImpactAfrica.

Use ClimaTracker’s Food Basket Calculator to work out how much climate change is costing.

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